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Rethinking Incentives

Warren Heaps – Birches Group LLC

This post is a bit different from the others that have been written for the Forum.  It’s designed to get you thinking, to entertain you, and to generate discussion.  While not strictly an international human resources topic, incentive pay is a global phenomenon of interest to our readers throughout the world.

There is much written about incentives and motivation.  Organizations spend countless hours fine-tuning their reward programs to optimize business results. Many theories exist to describe these optimal solutions.

But does incentive pay really work?

Recently, a client forwarded a link to a video on this subject, featuring Dan Pink, courtesy of TED: Ideas Worth Spreading . If you are curious  about the answer to this question, or in general, believe that incentive programs sometimes miss the bar, I highly recommend you listen to Dan’s speech.  It’s about 20 minutes long, and it will get you thinking, for sure.

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