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Lex Lindeman

Specialist in training and leadership development, I have a passion for people, Africa, coaching and learning.  I lived and worked in Africa for over 4 years and have over 20 years experience as a people development consultant in emerging markets … Continue reading

The Way to Identify your Future Leaders – Part 2

In Part 2 of their series on leadership, Han van der Pool and Lex Lindeman outline the traits in employees that contribute to their development into strong leaders, and questions to ask to identify people with these traits in your company. Continue reading

From Training Departments to a Company Academy Part 2

Explore trends and new developments in the area of Company Academies, and a discussion of the respective roles of the human resources development team and top management to ensure a strategic and continuous learning environment. Continue reading

From Training Departments to a Company Academy Part 1

Company academies provide a competitive edge and enable companies to ensure training and development is efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, aligned with the business strategy and mission. Continue reading

The Way To Identify Your Future Leaders (Part 1)

Global companies using an integrated talent management approach to identify and nurture potential future leaders have a competitive edge in the global marketplace. This post describes some of the best techniques. Continue reading

E-Learning in Africa (and the rest of the world!) Part 2

Many e-learning initiatives are granted only a short life, because they have been developed with too strong a focus on technology or creativity (nice to do, but not goal-oriented) or insufficiently aligned with the specific work situation and the perspective of the target group. This article focuses on how to develop e-learning programmes that are aligned to your business goals. Continue reading

Creating High Performance Teams

Authors: Lex Lindeman – HR Boosters Dr. Paul Rono – Kenyatta University (Nairobi, Kenya) What is a Team? A team is a group of people who work together to accomplish something beyond their individual self interests.  Not all groups are … Continue reading

E-Learning in Africa? – Part 1

E-Learning is a popular way of learning around the world and thanks to high speed connections to internet, now E-learning is an opportunity in Africa as well. But implementing an e-Learning program is challenging and should be carefully planned. This post provides guidance. Continue reading

How Top Companies Manage Talent Development

Companies that invest in ongoing and strategic leadership development programs aligned with business strategies often deliver the best results for their shareholders. This post summarizes a research study that examined the Top Companies for Leadership Development. Continue reading

Delegation: Leadership Development in Africa – Part 2

Delegation is a key management skill that drives improved performance of the entire organization. Managers should learn the proper techniques to delegate properly to empower their staff. Continue reading