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Warren Heaps – Birches Group LLC

Calling all compensation professionals!  OK, some of you prefer the term “comp geek” but either way, I want to share a great resource.

Recently, I discovered a great new website called XLCalibre.  It’s hosted by a chap in the north of England, who prefers to keep his identity a secret for now. I can confirm, however, that the author is male, hence I shall continue to use the male gender for references to him.

If you spend any amount of time working on compensation for your company, then you use Excel. It’s such a powerful tool, yet there are so many features that most mortals just don’t ever hear about.  But don’t be like the old dog in the picture!  You can learn some new tricks!

XLCalibre is a site where beginners can get hints, and experienced old-timers can learn functions and techniques previously unknown or admired from afar (i.e., in other people’s spreadsheets).

To get you started, here’s are a few topics from XLCalibre which I know you will find helpful and interesting:

I hope you find this little tutorial useful for those times you need to get the spreadsheet working and you are so stuck with how to do it.  Leave a comment with your most challenging Excel problem and I will be sure to pass it along to the author of XLCalibre – I’m sure he can come up with a great solution!

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