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Educational concerns and the details surrounding them are sometimes overlooked when structuring an expatriate package, but to families moving with children there is no greater obstacle to taking on an assignment or to the potential success of a move.  Here are some examples of information that may make a big difference, either to the employee or employer.

Did you know that private school fees in the UK have risen by 43% since 2003?  (Source found here.)

The best place for raising expat children is:

  • UAE 
  • France 
  • Spain 
  • UK 

Viva España!  In a recent survey conducted by HSBC based on five categories, including the cost of raising children and how much time they spend outdoors, Spain comes first.

Did you know that Canada ranks among the world’s leaders in per capita spending on public education?

Did you know that Cuba spends 9.8% of its GDP on education and the US 5.8%? (Source found here.)

Did you know that 27% of children in India are privately educated?

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